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Murder Mystery Tour

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Murder Mystery Tour

👮 Murder mystery tour - The thrilling CSI experience!
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The myCityHunt murder mystery tour transforms a city of your choice into the scene of an unsolved criminal case: A mysterious murder is dominating the headlines. The police are coming under increasing pressure to convict the perpetrator. Grab your smartphone, gather your brave fellow investigators and stop the culprit in the myCityHunt murder mystery tour! Your phone will guide you through the twisted corners of the city and let you navigate to all the locations connected to the crime. Collect clues! Evaluate evidence! Check out alibis! And catch the murderer in this exciting CSI game.

Suitable for kids
Murder Mystery Tour
Murder Mystery Tour - The exciting thriller from myCityHunt!

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Do you have a real crime investigator in you? Find it out - at the interactive Murder Mystery tour by myCityHunt. This tour combines elements of crime fiction, scavenger hunt and board game to create a completely new, exciting and varied leisure experience - all on your cell phone!

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A murderer is on the loose and only you can stop him! The police are at their wit's end and are now asking for your active support. No need to be told twice! You round up a group of friends and/or relatives, grab your smartphone and plunge into the nerve-racking investigation of the myCityHunt murder mystery tour!

What happened?

A successful local businessman has been found dead. He’s obviously the victim of a violent crime! But who’s behind the brutal act? What possible motive is there? Maybe even a secret conspiracy behind it? It's up to you to uncover the background and convict the perpetrator(s)!

This is how the game works

Just like in a murder mystery dinner, you collect information piece by piece that will let you solve the crime in the end. But in the myCityHunt murder mystery tour, you don't just sit around and watch a spectacle - you are the actors! As part of the smartphone scavenger hunt, you will visit numerous locations in the city center. Here you investigate the background to the crime and at the same time playfully get to know the city. You can expect an exciting city rally with a variety of puzzle elements, embedded in a fascinating crime story. Your smartphone acts as a navigator, guiding you through the winding alleys and to the culprit by means of GPS positioning. Once you have arrived at the individual puzzle stations, your smartphone automatically unlocks task after task: you collect evidence, evaluate clues, check alibis... To increase the investigator feeling in this CSI game, our murder mystery tour uses all the multimedia capabilities of your smartphone! Follow witness statements via video recording, listen to suspects or search virtual rooms. You'll be amazed at what your little device can do!

And that's not all! At the murder mystery dinner, you watch actors - at the myCityHunt murder mystery tour, however, you and your fellow players slip into individual roles! Experience the CSI game from the point of view of a criminologist, a case analyst or a forensic pathologist. Depending on the character, you will gradually receive special tasks on your smartphone. These provide even more fun and group cohesion - and let you increase your score. Will you succeed in immortalizing yourself in the myCityHunt high score? Every single member of your team is needed and contributes significantly to solving the tricky case. Simply going along for the ride is out of question.

What do I need for the murder mystery tour?

Dress for the weather and take your smartphone. Is it charged? Does it have mobile Internet access? Then you are well prepared for the myCityHunt murder mystery tour! The good thing is that you don't need to install an app that takes up unnecessary storage space. No! Simply start your web browser and enter your ticket code there. And you're ready to go!

Explore the city during the murder mystery tour

The murder mystery tour is a fun way to discover the city. The route of the CSI game scavenger hunt is planned in such a way that you automatically pass the most important sights. The murder mystery tour is available in more than 2,000 cities, at all times and 365 days a year! You have as much time as you wish: stop at one of the many imposing buildings and let the architecture work its magic on you. Or take a break at an ice cream shop, a café or a restaurant. The murder hunt can quicken the appetite! You can continue the murder mystery tour at a time of your choice.

Who is the murder mystery tour suitable for?

The possible uses of this interactive CSI game are limitless. You are looking for a highlight to celebrate your round birthday? You still need the icing on the cake for a bachelor party? You want to surprise your parents with a special activity for their golden wedding anniversary? You want an original alternative to the classic city tour or you’d like to spice up your city walk? Or you want to spark the fascination for elaborate crime stories in elderly children? This CSI game guarantees enthusiasm and exciting entertainment for every occasion, which will be remembered for a long time! After all, all the photos you take during the murder mystery tour are stored in your personal, protected gallery. No doubt: you, your friends and relatives will talk about the myCityHunt murder mystery tour for a long time.

What are you waiting for? - Your great crime adventure is just a click away!

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