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Scavenger hunt or treasure hunt - what's the difference?

Our treasure hunt combines elements of a murder mystery game and a hunt for a lost treasure. It has a story which the participants immerse themselves in and solve tasks at fictitious locations in the city. During the tour, they investigate a criminal case, eventually finding treasure. Our scavenger hunt, on the other hand, has the character of an interactive city tour and takes the participants to the most important sights of the city. The riddles are solved on-site and are usually related to the nearby statues, fountains and buildings.

What happens during a myCityHunt tour?

Using our Smartphone WebApp, your team navigates to about 12 locations distributed throughout the city center. Each location counts with a multiple-choice task to be solved. The questions cover all kinds of interesting information on cultural and historical aspects of the city. In addition, all registered participants receive additional tasks. The tasks are sent via SMS to the respective participant's mobile phone.

What are the roles/tasks of the participants?

Each team consists of a team leader who navigates during the scavenger hunt using the myCityHunt WebApp on his or her smartphone. Moreover, the team leader submits the results of the jointly solved, location-dependent tasks. Each additionally registered participant can choose a role (e.g. photographer, nature lover, detective, etc.). During the tour, the roles receive regular SMS with special tasks. The tasks are sent to the participant´s mobile phone and are specifically related to his or her role. These include answering questions, taking photos and active tasks such as jointly writing a poem.

When we play with several teams, do they have different routes?

At the treasure hunt, all teams have the same route. However, the teams usually need a different amount of time to complete the tasks. Therefore, the routes of the teams usually separate from the second stop on. The scavenger hunt allows each team to choose an individual route.

My city is not offered at the moment. Is it still possible to book a scavenger hunt?

We offer myCityHunt tours exclusively in the cities listed on this website. We are constantly expanding our portfolio and add new cities. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you in advance which ones these will be.

Where is the start/destination in my city?

You will find the start and destination in your city in the box on the right-hand side on the respective subpage on our website.

Is a myCityHunt tour guide present at the scavenger hunt?

No tour guide is needed to conduct our scavenger hunts. All you need is a ticket and a smartphone! Along the tour our operator will send you additional tasks via SMS to your smartphone (see above "What are the roles/tasks of the participants?").

Date & duration

How long does a tour last?

Our scavenger hunts are designed to last about 2.5 - 3 hours. Depending on the individual speed and breaks, the duration can vary. There is always the possibility of ending the scavenger hunt ahead of schedule.

When can I play?

If you have a ticket code (Ticket Shop), you can start at any time. We recommend that you play our scavenger hunts in daylight.


Is myCityHunt suitable for companies?

No. If you are looking for an event as a team event e.g. for your company outing, we recommend the organised and supervised tours offered by CityHunters.

Does every participant need a role / a ticket?

During the hunt, we send each registered participant tasks via SMS to his or her mobile phone. These tasks can be solved as a team. Every participant over 8 years of age should book a ticket to actively participate in the scavenger hunt. If a participant does not have a mobile phone, the phone number of another participant can be used.

Can we also play with more than one team?

From 8 players a second team can be formed, from 15 players on a third team. You can choose this when booking in the Ticket Shop.

Can I play a myCityHunt scavenger hunt alone?

A myCityHunt scavenger hunt can be played with 2 or more players. However, the hunt is more fun with more players, who receive entertaining tasks via SMS on their smartphones.

Is myCityHunt also suitable for children?

We recommend a minimum age of 14 years. Accompanied by an adult, children can also actively participate in the scavenger hunt from around 8 years of age.

Is myCityHunt also suitable for pregnant women, senior citizens or people with physical disabilities?

The distance covered in the individual tours is around 4 kilometres. Since there is no time pressure on our tours, breaks can be taken at any time. In addition, after three quarters of the tour there is the possibility to end it prematurely and to go directly to the destination. As the participants themselves determine the route from station to station, it can also be designed in a way that is free of barriers.

Can we take a dog with us on the tour?

As our tours are completely outdoor, dogs can be brought along without any problems.

Booking & Payment

Are myCityHunt tickets suitable as gifts?

myCityHunt tickets are ideal as a special gift idea for friends and family! In our Voucher Shop you can book gift vouchers for up to 33 players. Our gift vouchers are valid for 2 years.

How long is a ticket valid?

myCityHunt tickets are valid for 6 months from date of purchase. Once a ticket has been activated on the selected date by entering the ticket code into the myCityHunt web app, you have 48 hours to play the scavenger hunt.

What are the payment options?

You can pay by PayPal or credit card.

How far in advance should I book my tickets?

Tickets are sent by email immediately after booking (usually within 30 minutes). For some tours, however, it is necessary to print out game documents in advance. We therefore recommend booking the tickets a few days in advance.

I have booked tickets but did not receive them!

In most cases, the reason is that our email has landed in your spam folder. Please check it first! You have also received an SMS with a link to your tour dates. You can also find your tickets under this link.

Can I change the booked tour/city afterwards?

If you are in possession of a myCityHunt ticket, you can use it for any city. The tour you have chosen (e.g. Treasure Hunt) can not be changed.

Can I change the booked number of participants later?

Unfortunately, the number of participants booked cannot be changed at the moment. However, a tour with fewer participants than originally booked is possible without any problems.

Technology & Miscellaneous

Is Internet required to play?

Yes, an Internet connection is required for all participants. The team leader needs at least 80 MB data volume. For the other roles, the required data volume can vary between 20 and 50 MB.

Do I have to download an app?

No. MyCityHunt is played in a so-called web app, which can be opened via the internet browser of the smartphone. You will receive detailed information on the procedure together with your tickets.

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