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Escape Game

🔒 Digital Escape Game - The outdoor Escape Room
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Experience the game feeling of a classic Escape Room in the fresh air! Cunning villains want to throw the world into chaos. Only you can stop them! Armed with smartphones and ingenuity, you'll follow in their footsteps and master this multimedia scavenger hunt as a team. You'll crack codes, listen in on enemy spies and meet dubious contacts. But be careful: They could be double agents who want to set you on the wrong track. So be on your guard, draw the right conclusions and above all: enjoy the myCityHunt Escape Game!

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Escape Game
Escape Game - The new digital city adventure from myCityHunt!

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Experience a city of your choice from a whole new perspective! myCityHunt Escape Games are the perfect combination of an outdoor scavenger hunt and a thrilling escape room. Experience tricky puzzles combined with an exciting exit game through the city. Our Escape Game is the perfect idea for a bachelor party, a day out with friends or a birthday party!

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One trendy activity has enjoyed unprecedented success in recent years: the so-called Escape Room. Here you and your fellow players are locked in a chamber. And now the countdown is on: you have sixty minutes to master a tricky puzzle marathon and play your way out of the room. In the process, you are the main characters in a fascinating story. Sometimes the Escape Room transports you to an episode of the Cold War. Sometimes you walk in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes. In some cases, you save the city from a zombie invasion. There's no question that everyone should experience an Escape Room for themselves because anything is possible in there! Except for one thing: exercise in the fresh air.

With the Escape Game, myCityHunt now combines this exciting trend activity Escape Room with an action-packed scavenger hunt! The essence is the same: together with your friends, your family, or your stag party, you face riddles which build on each other. You solve puzzles, crack codes and wrack your brains together. And you'll be in the middle of a story with lots of twists and turns that will set your head spinning.
In the myCityHunt Escape Game, you follow James Bond, Jason Bourne and Susan Cooper Undercover's footsteps. A megalomaniac criminal genius pursues a sinister plan to plunge the world into chaos and change life as we know it forever. But he has done the math without you and your unit of special agents! Armed with your smartphones, plenty of ingenuity, and a good dose of courage, you follow on the heels of the sinister organization, track down their secret hideout, thwart their dark schemes and save the world.

You put together your special force: Mobilise your friends, parents, children, or your sports club and experience an unforgettable day with the myCityHunt Escape Game. Together you go through a challenging puzzle course through the city center. Like any distinguished secret agent, you need a powerful gadget to help you out in the diciest situations. You already have it in your trouser pocket or handbag: Your smartphone! It guides you through the city using GPS navigation, from sight to sight and from mission to mission. Always have it to hand! The operations center will continuously send you new information and mission orders. And don't be surprised if the phone suddenly rings! A contact person might try to contact you secretly. But be careful: Many informants turn out to be a dubious double agent. Some information that at first sight appears useful is a deliberately false trail. Be on your guard, draw the right conclusions and above all: trust no one!

Unlike in the classic Escape Room, you are not locked in a room. The whole city is your playing field! The technical prerequisite for your agent adventure: One device with access to the mobile internet, such as a smartphone or tablet, per person. With a click, you get access to our web app. You don't need to install anything to let yourself be pulled into the middle of the action by interactive videos, sound files, and many other multimedia features.

In the beginning, each player defines their profile and chooses their role from a range of fascinating characters. In the course of the Escape Game, you will be given special missions tailored to you personally. If you complete these successfully, you can watch your joint points account increase and your lead over the other teams grow. While a classic Escape Room can hold a maximum of five people, the city and our web app know no limitations in this respect. So accept the challenge and divide yourself into several teams! The teams can be easily be linked in the app, and you will always be kept up to date on the score of your opponents. Who will save the world first - and who will achieve the highest score?

The winner's podium is within reach if you work as a team, intercept enemy spies and persuade enemies to switch to your side. Your team will have to be up to the challenge to stop the villian’s henchmen. Unlike James Bond and Co., however, your deeds will not be hidden behind the veil of secrecy surrounding the Secret Service: All teams immortalize themselves in the overall high score and get access to your very own personal picture gallery. The myCityHunt Escape Game turns your city into an adventure playground. Get your tickets to the world of espionage and secret agents!

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