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myCityHunt - The Treasure Hunt for your Smartphone


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Scavenger Hunts

How about a scavenger hunt in Dublin, a treasure hunt in Cork or an Escape Game in Galway? With scavenger hunts from myCityHunt you will discover the most interesting cities of Ireland in a new, innovative and entertaining way. Simply click on a city marker on the map to the left to learn more about our mobile scavenger hunts, treasure hunts and escape games at the chosen location.

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Scavenger Hunt Tours

Scavenger hunt meets sightseeing tour! Our scavenger hunt tours are a fun and exciting new way to discover a city on a self-guided tour. Along the way you will get to see the most important sights as well as some hidden spots that even locals don’t know. At each stop a tricky riddle awaits you. Can you find the hidden clues on buildings and statues around you? On your way between the riddle locations we keep you entertained by sending riddles and photo tasks to every member of your team.

Suitable for kids
Scavenger Hunt

Treasure Hunt Tours

Become a treasure hunter and jump into an exciting and immersive story that lets you experience a real adventure in fictional locations in the city! Together with your team of specialists from various disciplines, you will solve tricky puzzles that are posed to you by digital characters in the form of videos, audios and images. Along the tour, we will also send each specialist on your team exciting challenges from their field of expertise. Will you be able to interpret all the clues correctly in order to ultimately determine the location of the hidden treasure?

Suitable for kids
Treasure Hunt

Escape Game Tours

Experience the game feeling of a classic Escape Room in the fresh air! Cunning villains want to throw the world into chaos. Only you can stop them! Armed with smartphones and ingenuity, you'll follow in their footsteps and master this multimedia scavenger hunt as a team. You'll crack codes, listen in on enemy spies and meet dubious contacts. But be careful: They could be double agents who want to set you on the wrong track. So be on your guard, draw the right conclusions and above all: enjoy the myCityHunt Escape Game!

Suitable for kids
Escape Game
myCityHunt vouchers are the perfect gift for many occasions!

myCityHunt Vouchers

myCityHunt vouchers are the perfect gift for many occasions! Surprise your friends and family with this extraordinary event gift. myCityHunt gift vouchers are valid for 2 years from the date of purchase and can be used within this period for a freely selectable city and tour from the myCityHunt portfolio.

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myCityHunt - The digital Treasure Hunt

At myCityHunt we offer a wide variety of tours so that everyone can enjoy an exciting urban adventure. Each myCityHunt excursion allows you to explore a unique city. Your smartphone becomes a mobile escape room, and the town turns into your playground. Our portfolio offers you a wide variety of scavenger hunt ideas, from which you can choose according to your taste and goals. Would you like to learn everything worth-knowing about a city, perhaps because you have just moved there or would you like to see your hometown with new eyes? Or are you more in the mood for a mobile escape game where you solve a compelling murder case? The choice is yours!

Everyone who gets excited by culture, history, and breathtaking sights should try out our scavenger hunt. During this modern form of city discovery, you solve exciting riddles hidden in the city's past and present and get to know its unique characteristics in a unique way. To solve the interactive tasks, you will explore the city and its landmarks in an adventurous and creative way. No matter whether you are a local, a newcomer, or a visitor - our scavenger hunts challenge your ingenuity and curiosity at the same time and allow you to take an in-depth look behind the facade of a city using intensive interaction with your surroundings. Like all our tours, the scavenger hunt is suitable for children and adults - and is therefore the perfect concept for a family outing!

Or would you rather follow in the footsteps of Indiana Jones and solve the riddles of a mysterious treasure map? Then our treasure hunt is just the thing for you! All you need is a participation ticket, a smartphone with internet access, and a team of adventurers. Together, you'll track down a mysterious secret society that may have hidden a legendary treasure long, long ago. Each member of the team can choose a role to suit their strengths – be it "archeologist", "treasure hunter", or even "priest"! Use your team's strengths to collect as many points as possible and finish the treasure hunt with a spectacular treasure find!

At our Escape Game you can experience the world of secret agents and villains in a city of your choice. Access the agent thriller with your smartphone and immerse yourself in a world full of shady double agents, tricky codes, and breathtaking action. Explore the city of your choice as you crack codes, intercept your enemies, and win potential defectors over with your charm. But don't lose yourself in the countless benefits of being a secret agent because there’s a ruthless villain with only evil in mind. And only you can stop him! This mobile escape game is sure to fill your team with inspiration!

Our X-Mas Adventure combines a cozy Christmas atmosphere with an entertaining treasure hunt.

Take advantage of the tranquility of the pre-Christmas season and learn a lot about the origins, customs, and traditions of Christmas. By cracking codes and searching for clues, you can find the place where a treasure is hidden. So go on a treasure hunt with the scent of incense, gingerbread and mulled wine and sweeten the Christmas season for you and your teammates!

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